Seafare with Kevin Thorton

Landed in Ireland with the family only 4 days ago and now we are in Belderrig, Northern County Mayo cooking with Michelin Star Chef, Kevin Thornton

Burma steak

Jason O’Brien has spoiled all of us with the most amazing ingredients with which to cook.  In addition to the Roundstone Bread, Burma steaks and ground beef, Foie Gras, and Duck Confit he has secured us a “boat load” of Blue Lobsters and crabs from the local fishermen. 


From our vantage point on the hill while we cook we can literally see the waters from which they came and the harbor where the very fishermen that caught them come in. 


Kevin is one of the most patient chefs I have ever met.  He is fully focused on teaching and sharing his knowledge with everyone around him no matter how old or young.

Kevin walked us through, step-by-step the proper way to encourage the lobster to sleep, how to cut them in half, clean them, and reserve the juices so that they can be used for basting as they grill over the fire.  We added a little fresh lemon juice and enjoyed the most memorable lobster experience of my life! 

It’s all here – the food, the knowledge, the context  . . .

It is a magical way to begin our journey in Ireland.