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A collaboration with the Eastern Shore Food Lab at WAC, UCD Center for Experimental Archaeology & Odaios Foods


A research collaboration has emerged bridging two academic institutions half-way across the globe - Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland and University College Dublin in Ireland - with Odaios Foods, a cutting edge food-service provider in Ireland to form an innovative “Food Evolutions” project. This project fuses anthropological knowledge, food and farming sciences, culinary arts, and experimental archaeological evidence to encourage leadership, innovation, and change in modern foodways and culinary practices, from the level of thought leaders in contemporary cuisine, and widening from there to educate and empower the public to take control of their food and eat like humans again

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Dr. Bill Schindler describes the scope of research that will guide the launch of the Eastern Shore Food Lab at Washington College. http://www.washcoll.edu/departments/eastern-shore-food-lab/

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